Lima, Perú - Project Context


Lomas de Zapallal (LdZ), is a slum community in northern Lima with a growing population of approximately 27,000 residents. It consists of 19 neighborhoods between 2-15 years old. The majority of its residents live in poverty with variable tenure and unreliable water supplies. LdZ’s newer neighborhoods pirate electricity, purchase water from adjacent neighborhoods  and utilize pit latrines. LdZ also has very little public green space. As, water supplies decrease with climate change, it is likely that LdZ will face increasing  water insecurity and green space will become increasingly scarce. Traction is based primarily at two sites in LdZ. Its Escuela Ecologica Saludable program is based at the Pitagroas School and its Communidad Ecologica Saludable program is based in the Eliseo Collazos neighborhood.

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