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Many of the existing classrooms at the Pitágoras School are overcrowded and constructed from non-durable materials. They have poor lighting and poor ventilation and are subject to temperature extremes during the summer (> 40° C) and winter (< 15° C). They are ill-suited to productive learning and have the potential to contribute to the spread of endemic diseases such as tuberculosis. In response to these conditions and based upon the priorities expressed during the 2010 community planning workshops at the Pitágoras School, the IUCI team initiated the design of a ‘Healthy and Ecological’ classroom building.


The classrooms design includes ample space for students and high ceilings. It takes advantage of natural wind currents and day-lighting to create a low energy, comfortable and healthy learning atmosphere. It is seismically engineered and constructed from durable materials including concrete and clay block. Initial feedback from the school director and the Pitágoras parent’s association indicates that  the classroom is a welcome change at the school and represents an enormous improvement over the school’s other teaching facilities. With its high ceilings, the director calls it  a ‘cathedral’ of learning.


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