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Over the past 14 years Nickelsville has evolved into a strong community, even though they are forced to relocate every few years under the threat of being swept by the city of Seattle. They have been self-reliant and democratically run. As they continue to grow, they have begun a long-term goal of establishing a Tiny Home Ecovillage. This idea came from a desire to increase their self-sufficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and produce alternative methods of energy capture. In 2021, Traction was awarded the EPA Environmental Justice Small Grant to help Nickelsville make this vision a reality.

Our proposed project has three phases to provide design and planning services to Nickelsville and to build partnerships with other groups and institutions. These phases are subject to change according to the needs and priorities of Nickelsville which may change over time.

1)      Gather information at the two existing Nickelsville Tiny House Villages to understand existing environmental, operational and social conditions, and needs and priorities.

2)    Creation of a Tiny House Ecovillage Master Plan book that plans the community, designs Ecovillage components and provides insight into operations, initial and long-term costs, and the projected contribution metrics towards human and ecological health.

3)    Construct prototypes as a demonstration of the Ecovillage ideas and install them at the existing Tiny House Villages for assessment of feasibility, adaptability and performance.


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