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Through a partnership with the University of Washington’s departments of landscape architecture and nursing, began working with them in the spring of 2019. During that UW Design Activism Studio partnership with Traction, we were able complete the following with Nicklesville:

● Conducted community workshops to gather information on Nickelsville’s needs, priorities, concerns and identity, and created an art gallery exhibit of the outcomes;

● We collaborated with the UW Nursing School to provide monthly workshops on first aid, safety, hygiene and child development, passed out first aid kits and connected them to public health services in the city;

● We utilized nursing students to conduct a baseline health assessment and the design team provided residents with the results so they could understand the physical, mental and social health challenges they are collectively facing;

● We created an advocacy pamphlet explaining Tiny House Villages for Nickelodeons to take to future property owners, the City Council, protests etc.

● We led a visioning workshop to understand what Nickelsville envisions for their future. It was here that Nickelodeons identified that they would like to improve their environmental footprint and public health contribution, and they wanted to design their next Tiny House community as an Ecovillage


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